Bandwidth Protection


Having trouble staying under your download allowance? Are family members killing your data allowance with video streaming and huge file downloads at unexpected hours?  Hitting Fair Access Policy slowdowns and don’t know why?



We resell the TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND wireless router, with pre-installed Gargoyle router management software.* This WiFi router has the ability to not only monitor your bandwidth usage, but also set data usage quotas and bandwidth throttling for individual devices (PCs, tablets, phones, etc.) on your network.

  • See which devices are using the most data
  • See when you are losing the most data (week, day, hour)
  • Set data usage quotas for individual devices, and/or all of them
  • Temporarily slow down or cut off devices that are using too much data
  • Exempt your computer from restrictions that apply to everyone else
  • Lift restrictions automatically during unlimited download zones.


For an additional fee, we can configure the router’s quota system to your home/business requirements before we send it. Otherwise, you will need to configure it yourself through the built-in HTML interface.


Router: $150

Router configuration: +$75

Any questions? Give us a call, or use our Contact Form.

*TP-LINK and Gargoyle are properties of their respective owners. Our combination of TP-LINK hardware and Gargoyle software does not imply any support or warranty obligations from these companies and individuals. TP-LINK technology is the property of TP-LINK, while Gargoyle is free software available under the GPL-2 license.


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