Galaxy SkyDATA Gen5

Alaska Satellite Internet partners with Galaxy Broadband to bring you Galaxy SkyDATA Gen5 Service. Beam coverage is available in the NE corner of Alaska, from the satellite Anik-F2. The system is tested to work well as far up as the North Slope.

SkyDATA Gen5 is a high-throughput Ka band service with bandwidth plans ranging from 5mbps to 15mbps, and data plans ranging from 64 GB to 510 GB per month. Unlimited data plans are also now available.

Galaxy service utilizes high-grade Ka band radio equipment, with 6W linear transmitters and HT2300 modems, or HT2500 modems for larger camps. Contact Alaska Satellite Internet for current equipment specifications and pricing.

With a focus on business and enterprise service, Galaxy provides responsive support and VoIP phone options. Firewall and content filtering services are also available for larger camps. We can also quote you self-deployment kits, which are a more practical option in some scenarios. Auto-acquire and mobile vehicle systems are also available.

3239 La Ree Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 451 0088
toll free 888-396-5623
Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm
Emergency technical support available after hours.

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