ViaSat-1-rendering-RGB-webThe beautiful, wide-open nature of Alaska is awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to hard-wire physical cable connections from your Internet hook-up to that of your service provider as they do in the Lower 48. Instead, we offer Satellite Internet — which circumvents all of that hassle and gives you the reliable wireless Web fix you’ve dreamed about for so long.

Due to the limited amount of equipment required, this also means that there is less for the harsh Alaskan climate to take out when the weather gets really cold and unpredictable. Thus, making less of a dent on your wallet — where it really matters. At Alaska Satellite Internet, we’re working hard to make sure you have the best experience possible.

High Speed Internet for Remote Alaska Locations.

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HughesNet Gen5

Gen5BeamMapHughesNet Gen5, a KA band service from the new Jupiter 2 satellite, is available now in select areas, including some parts of Fairbanks. HughesNet plans run at 25 Mb/s download speed for all plans.

HughesNet Gen5 Residential Plans

Please call our office or use our contact form to find out if you have coverage.

Viasat Internet

Map of Exede coverage in Alaska

Viasat coverage in Alaska

Viasat Internet is available in Alaska within a limited beam, which includes the Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage, and cuts a narrow slice north-west across the state.

Viasat offers Unlimited Plans which optimize video streaming for different levels of quality:

ViaSat Alaska Plans

HughesNet Gen2

HughesNet Gen2 KU band service, based on the Horizons 1 satellite, covers nearly the entire state of Alaska, including remote sites on the North Slope. Residential (consumer) plans provide 1-2 Mb/s download speed with data packages up to 800 MB/day.

HughesNet Gen2 Consumer Plans*

*Note: Free download zone has been adjusted to 2am-8am for Alaska customers.

Aleutian Coverage

Currently we do not have service available throughout most of the Aleutian islands, as it is difficult to convince satellite vendors to light up this region. If your community or business is eager for service, please let us know via our contact form.


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