Gen5 Residential

HughesNet Gen5, a Ka band service from the new Jupiter 2 satellite, is available now in select areas of Alaska! Generations ahead of previous HughesNet products available in Alaska, this new HughesNet service runs at 25 mbps download and 3 mbps upload speed for all plans, with inexpensive data packages and no overage charges. Additional data can be purchased optionally at a very affordable $3/GB, for those times when regular plan data is not quite enough for your needs. Use the link below to see our residential data packages.

As an additional improvement over older HughesNet products, the Gen5 modem comes with a built-in high-grade AC Wi-Fi router, and easy-to-setup HughesNet Wi-Fi extenders are also available when needed.

Jupiter 2 satellite is rather low on the horizon for most areas in Alaska, so it can be difficult to get at locations with hills or tall trees to the south east. To find out more, call our Fairbanks office or use our contact form.

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