HughesNet Gen5 Business Internet

HughesNet Gen5 Ka band service is now available in limited areas of Alaska! 25 mbps down, 3 mbps up, for all plans! We have enterprise data packages available up to 550GB/month at great pricing.

HughesNet Gen5 is the latest and greatest iteration of the HughesNet Internet product, technology that is literally decades ahead of the previous HughesNet product which was made available in Alaska. Gen5 easily outdoes the options in most rural areas of Alaska, and also competes with DSL and wireless options in the more populated areas.

No automatic overage fees, and a decent FAP speed, means you don’t have to worry about any unexpected large charges at the end of the billing cycle. For mission-critical connections, extra data can be purchased well in advance of an emergency, so that extra data is applied automatically if you run out of regular plan data.

Click below to see the available service plans:

Gen5 Business Internet Service Plans 120418

Continuity Plan (Emergency Backup)

Already have an ISP? Are you concerned that an outage my bring your whole business to a halt for hours or even days?  Contact us to find out more about our lower cost Continuity Plan with automatic failover support.

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