Iridium Satellite Phones and PTT Devices

The Iridium satellite network provides great coverage and reliability throughout Alaska.

Satellite Phones

The Iridium 9555 is a high-grade satellite phone which can be used with post-paid or pre-paid plans. Pre-paid plans allow you to purchase a specific amounts of minutes that are good for a specific number of months, which makes a great option for seasonal trips or short term projects. Alaskan (and Canadian) customers get a special offer called the Northern Lights Voucher which gives you 200 minutes and a six month extension for almost half the regular price!


Push-To-Talk or PTT is a snazzy communications technology which allows multiple Iridium PTT devices to communicate with each other as though they were all on one single radio channel, but without the geographic limitations of a traditional radio repeater. This is a very convenient option for communication between construction crews, wilderness crews, emergency personnel, or any other network of people that need rapid, shared communications.

The Iridium 9575 Extreme PTT devices are capable of both satellite phone and PTT functionality. Just insert an Iridium sim card into a PTT handset, and it becomes a dual-function device, switching back and forth with a simple menu option.

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