Networking Solutions

Mini Wi-Fi Routers

Small footprint and low power consumption!

GL-AR150, Single Antenna, $50


GL-AR300M16, Dual Antenna, $65

GL-AR300M, Dual Antenna, 128MB NAND Flash, $70


Bandwidth Throttling


Trying to run a camp or an office with six people and only enough bandwidth for two? One person hogging all the bandwidth while everyone else starves?


We resell a bandwidth throttling router technology which allows you to limit bandwidth usage on a per-device basis. If one computer or phone is using too much data, automatically slow it down, or cut it off, to free up bandwidth for everybody else. It also can report which devices are using the most data. This solution uses free software technologies that puts you in control of the system.

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Content Filtering


Need to meet an organizational content filtering requirement, but with a small budget? Wondering why you need to pay hundreds of dollars every month to get content filtering on one or two computers?



How about a network appliance, based on IPFire firewall software, that can perform URL-based content filtering on all the Web site traffic that moves through it. We will take care of providing the hardware, and installing and pre-configuring the software to meet you needs. You can manage the device yourself through a browser-based interface, or we can work out a support contract to manage it for you. Supports unencrypted and encrypted Web traffic.*

* Effective content filtering on encrypted Web traffic may require additional configuration of your network, such as proxy settings.

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Link Balancing


Got two Internet connections, but only one office? Want everybody on the same network, but don’t want to waste that extra bandwidth? Or maybe you need a seamless “failover” system in place in case your main connection goes down?


Let’s get you set up with a network gateway appliance to take advantage of those multiple Internet connections. We can route incoming connection evenly through multiple WAN interfaces, as well as fall back to one connection when a link fails.

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