Alaska Satellite Internet stocks both the SPOT Gen3 and SPOT Trace technology.




The SPOT X allows you to exchange text-based messages with any cell phone number or email address, virtually anywhere in the world. Service plans are listed here:

More details, including service plans, are available here:

SPOT X | 2-Way Satellite Messenger

It also contains the basic functionality of the Gen 3 system described below.



SPOT Gen 3

The SPOT Gen3 allows you to utilize global satellite technology to send check-in messages and GPS data to e-mail and SMS contacts. Let friends and family know where you are and how you are doing. An SOS button also allows you to relay GPS coordinates and information to a response center in the event of a serious emergency. For more feature information, please follow the link below:

SPOT Gen3 Product Sheet

Plan Information



SPOT Trace

The SPOT Trace uses similar satellite communications technology to provide affordable asset protection.  Attach a SPOT Trace to your motorbike, snowmobile, boat, or any other equipment, and it will send you a text or email message if anyone attempts to move it, along with regular updates on its location!

SPOT Trace Product Sheet

Plan Information

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